22 08 2007
The very first Women’s Polo Championship of Spain took place on the 21st and 22nd of July this year, right here in Jimena!
The competing teams, ready to play.
Tres Rosas Women’s Team (María Milton, Alexandra Sadaic, Audrey Tielemans and Silke Oelscher) The winners!
Villacampos women’s team (Eva Campos, Isabel de Borbón, Barbara Tedder and Margeet Voermans) . Runners up.

The Tres Rosas Polo Club hosted the event at their ground in Marchenilla between the home team and Villacampos in an exciting tournament that had the first round equal at 3 goals each. On Sunday, Tres Rosas took the lead to win by 7 – 3.
Best Goal prize went to Audrey Tielmans for a goal she delivered starting at mid-field, in a masterful show from someone who was playing their first game. Best Stick prize went to Barbara Tedder, while Isabel de Borbón won the Revelation prize. Eva Campos took the Best Fighter prize and Alexandra Sadaic, the Best Player of the Tournament trophy.
The prize-giving ceremony brought the new tournament to an end, though let’s hope this becomes an annual event that will grow with time.



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