23 08 2007
A basic set of polo equipment includes: (for the horse) one saddle, bridles, blankets, wraps, or bandages; (for the player) helmet, boots, kneeguards, mallets.
The mallet is made of a bamboo handle, about 51 inches long, with a wooden head. As each player’s grip varies, there are handles available in a variety of diameters. The head is put on at a 77.5º angle so that it will lie flat on the ground when hiting the ball. The head can be regular, oversize or extra oversize. The ball is struck by the circular side of the mallet head.
The saddle is an English-type saddle. There is a regular girth and also an overgirth in order to prevent the saddle from slipping. Side reins are sometimes used to give the player extra control. These extend from the girth through the bridle rings to the player’s hands. Bandages or tendon boots are used to protect the lower legs of the pony and the tail is bandaged in order to stop it from tangling up in the mallet strokes. As well as equipment for the horse and rider in competition, there are other equipment considerations such as bedding and feed, cleaning material for tack and boxes, facemasks and gloves, sweatshirts, caps, coats and jackets, fleeces, sunshades, trophies, goggles, whips, stable equipment, fencing, saddle pads, horseshoes. (From
The list is almost endless…



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