24 08 2007

An Argentine asado is absolutely de rigeur. Anyway, why would anyone want to miss it?

The press, here (below) represented by Salvador Moreno and Silvia Quintanilla of Miradas del Sur, were present to record this first year’s Gold Cup for the books.

A  chat by the pool, a couple of drinks, an analysis of every part of the match – and all the intensity of on-field play is forgotten in the traditional friendship of polo the world over.

And then, of course, the music starts and dancing gets under way.

Negro and Kristina gave everyone a few lessons in rhythm under the orange trees.


The festivities drew the 2007 Kristina Szekely/Sotheby’s International – Tres Rosas Polo Club Gold Cup to a happy end. We look forward to next year’s edition with enthusiasm.

(Prospero’s rumour antennae have it that there is a possibility of Kristina Szekely sponsoring a women’s team next year. Hope so.)




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