17 01 2008


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In November and most of December, Santa María Polo Club took a break from their frenetic summer activity as far as organizing tournaments is concerned, though these went on well into October. That does not mean, though, that there was no polo in the area; far from it. San Bernabé, in Algeciras, hosted the Iridike San Bernabé Tournament, which was somewhat different to other more usual stick and ball competitions. To start with, the playing surface was on sand and on a much smaller pitch. Then the teams were only two per side, and the ball they tried to put through the opposition’s posts was larger and made of leather. The final was played over four chukkas but the rest of the matches had only two. No doubt about it: it was different. Probably because these players, who had been active throughout the summer, were itching to get back on the field.

img_7437.jpg img_7615.jpg img_7535.jpg
Five teams took part in this unusual event, of which the final was played on December 2nd – a day with temperatures more typical of a summer weekend, admittedly. Final victory went to the team made up of Gonzalo Muñoz Escassi and Ben Wesserling and, naturally, the prize giving was followed by a scrumptious asado attended by most of the players, though without the host, Chiqui Recio.

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