8 04 2008

Sam Gómez Haw (far left), born and bred in Jimena, is learning the game of polo thanks to the kindness and support of Nick and Ginny Williams, and Ali and Negro, all of whom have seen great promise in this -1 handicap player. But why do we mention it? Because Sam was recently invited to take part as a full member of Xia-Xia team at the Santa María Polo Club Open Championship, with which a large door is opening to better things.

Sam (in the picture with his twin sister Adela) scored his first championship goal in the semifinal, but his team lost to La Clarita by 8 goals to 5 in the final, which was a great disappointment to him. We’ve got news, Sam: you got to the final thanks in good part to your goal.

PERSONAL NOTE: Prospero takes a special interest in Sam’s progress because he has known the twins almost since they were born – he even baby-sat them once or twice and might even have changed a nappy or two, but don’t tell them, please – so he wants to offer his heartfelt congratulations to Sam (and to his hard-working mother, who is the boy’s transport officer and manager, sort of) and encourage him in a promising career. ¡ENHORABUENA, SAM!




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