8 04 2008

Sam Gómez Haw (far left), born and bred in Jimena, is learning the game of polo thanks to the kindness and support of Nick and Ginny Williams, and Ali and Negro, all of whom have seen great promise in this -1 handicap player. But why do we mention it? Because Sam was recently invited to take part as a full member of Xia-Xia team at the Santa María Polo Club Open Championship, with which a large door is opening to better things. Read the rest of this entry »



23 08 2007

Probably the horse’s most vulnerable parts during a game are the legs and hooves. Bandages are an absolute must, even for stick-and-ball. Many teams use crowns on the hooves for further protection, though there is some argument about their value.

After a match it is a very good idea to use ‘white mud’ to reduce any swelling that might have arisen.