31 08 2008

AHMIBAH Having won both the Bronze and the Silver Cups at Sotogrande, Bahar Jefri’s team also took the Gold Cup home in one of the tournament’s most exciting matches against Ayala, last year’s Gold Cup winners, yesterday at Los Pinos.  In front of a milling crowd of several hundreds, Patron Prince Bahar, Valerio Zubiaurre, Iñaki Laprida and Pablo MacDonough worked together consistently as a team, though Pablito well deserved the Best Tournament Player award he received at the prize-giving ceremony afterwards. David ‘Pelón’ Stirling, excellently though he played with Santiago Laborde, Íñigo Zóbel and Gastón Urturi, was simply outplayed by their rivals. The final result was a really close 11 – 10 for Bahar’s men.  For a chukker-by-chukker look at the match and some more photos Read the rest of this entry »



25 08 2008

POLO 24 AugustRioBenefit 059

The charity match in aid of Nuevo Futuro at Río Sotogrande yesterday was a treat for every polo enthusiast anywhere. Two 29-goal teams, Jaeger-Le Coultre Black and J-LC White captained by Lia Salvo (1 ) and Claire Milford-Haven (1) respectively had the likes of Adolfo Cambiaso (10), Juan Martin Nero (10), Pablo McDonough(10), Agustín Merlos (10), Eduardo Novillo Astrada (9) and David ‘Pelón’ Stirling (8) on board. The 4-chucker match resulted in an equal 6-6 score, though that is probably the least important detail. The grounds were full of people supporting this charity in a relaxed atmosphere of good will. Among those present were Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, who came to watch her friend Claire Milford-Haven (see photos below).

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24 08 2007

An Argentine asado is absolutely de rigeur. Anyway, why would anyone want to miss it?

The press, here (below) represented by Salvador Moreno and Silvia Quintanilla of Miradas del Sur, were present to record this first year’s Gold Cup for the books.

A  chat by the pool, a couple of drinks, an analysis of every part of the match – and all the intensity of on-field play is forgotten in the traditional friendship of polo the world over.

And then, of course, the music starts and dancing gets under way.

Negro and Kristina gave everyone a few lessons in rhythm under the orange trees.


The festivities drew the 2007 Kristina Szekely/Sotheby’s International – Tres Rosas Polo Club Gold Cup to a happy end. We look forward to next year’s edition with enthusiasm.

(Prospero’s rumour antennae have it that there is a possibility of Kristina Szekely sponsoring a women’s team next year. Hope so.)


23 08 2007

The Leigh family and friends in full support of young Dominic, who played an excellent game for Tres Rosas against Malmaison at Marchenilla on Wednesday. Dominic, who is only 14, has a great future ahead if he keeps it up. That’s him chasing the ball against the big guys in the bottom picture.


20 08 2007
Pleasant lunches, good conversation, conviviality ad, of course, families, are all part of the polo world.

Carmen Navarro, her partner Carl Watson and their daughter Lucía were there to celebrate Malmaison’s triumph at the Tres Rosas Polo Club in Marchenilla.